Rebecca “Becky” Shepherd (born April 1999) was a slayer from the Beckyverse. A Jew on her mother’s side, Becky is a self-proclaimed Jewish-American Princess, who sees Princess Vespa as a role model, loves “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (hence the fact that Cliff constantly refers to her as "brony girl"), finished her high school mathematics studies by the time she started her slayer training in Sunnydale High School (Beckyverse), and is well versed in Internet memes and finding information on the Internet.

The main tagline surrounding her is that her teachers and mentors keep telling her «You've got a lot of potential

Becky was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and started studying in Sunnydale High School in the scholastic year of 2014/2015 as a 10th grader. She became team with Cliff Farrel (Warlock/Witch) and Chankey Rajeesh (Watcher). A typically good slayer-wannabe, Becky takes the initiative several times, and ends up helping to save the day several times.

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