Cat-Slayer is the fifthteenth episode of Buffy The Animated Series Season One and fifteenth episode overrall.

Buffy the Animated Series
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date March 11th 2003
Written by Jane Espenson
Directed by Rebecca Rand Kirshner
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The Turn of Time


Blood +

It aired on March 11th 2003 written by Jane Espenson and directed by Rebecca Rand Kirshner.

It Features the voice talent of Frances Conroy.


Buffy's 16th Birthday is fast approaching and becomes the over exciting event of the season for doting friends Willow and Xander.

Giles also pitches due to Buffy's great many slayings of all the latest vampires arising.

All three including Cordelia of her main circle of friendship try different ways to make the day Buffy's best birthday but to no success.

Willow's last resort comes to bringing Buffy to a renowned psychic who knows greatly of her power and may know the way to supress her exhausted uncaring feelings.

Buffy arrives at the and is soon put to sleep by a spell just before Willow is knocked violently unconsious.

Buffy comes to back in her home with her mother telling her to get ready for school.

While there finds an injured Willow who believes her wounds to have been caused by a trusty doorknob.

Buffy's memory returns to her recollecting the visit to the psychic and soon the very night on patrol gains heightened abilities of sense and smell.

Buffy stakes 40 vampires in Restfield Cemetary with her new abilities.

Angel oversees her power and consults with Giles.

Giles warns that something powerful, magical and dangerous may be arising in Buffy but she ignores and accidentally harms her friends.

The ambulance takes Willow out and paramedics tend to Xander's now broken arm.

Giles then casts a tracking spell to locate the psychic and instead summons a vampire slave who divolges her identity to Xander and Giles.

Xander then tracks down Angel and requests his help in finding the demon woman.

Meanwhile Buffy is already being summoned to the psychic's home and engages in a confrontation with the demon.

The spell eventually works following Buffy channells a large panther which mauls the demon before sending her off the upper landing onto a large coffee table below.

Buffy then escorts a wheelchair bound Willow around the outside of the Sunnydale High School along with Xander before the vampire slave of which Giles had entraped in the library escapes and whilest catching fire in the sunlight has a stake chucked at his heart by Buffy.


  • Giselle Loren as the voice of Buffy Summers
  • Alyson Hannigan as the voice of Willow Rosenberg
  • Nicholas Brendon as the voice of Xander Harris
  • Anthony Stewart Head as the voice of Rupert Giles
  • David Boreanaz as the voice of Angel
  • Charisma Carpenter as the voice of Cordelia Chase


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