City of Doyle is the series premiere pilot episode of Doyle Investigations.

Doyle Investigations
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 1st, 2000
Written by




Directed by Ellen
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Unaired Pilot


Deceiver and Deceived

It is the first episode of the first and only series season of Doyle Investigations and first episode overrall.

It was broadcasted on April 1st 2000.

It takes place in the Wishverse where Buffy Summers and Angel are nothing but dead and and gone leaving the rogue slayer Faith to cower away from her destiny as the chosen one.

Faith flees from Sunnydale to Los Angeles hiding out in the apartment of a vampire hunter bent on revenge following the death of a loved one.

The Half-Demon Doyle instructs and aids Faith before having to contend with her pursuing watcher Wesley Wyndam Price whose come to L.A.

The events escalate to an unlikely trio of vampire hunters protecting L.A from all the demonic forces it unleashes.


The episode begins where Angel would of in Los Angeles fighting two violent vampires about to victimize two hapless young women in the alleyway behind a L.A bar.

However Doyle on the account of his visions sent from the Powers That Be informs the demons to be original members of the Order Of Aurellius who have fled from Sunnydale and the army of the Master to pray upon unsuspecting victims in the City of Angels.

Doyle a renegade brooding vampire hunter turned detective has just set an agency for helping the helpless but finds more then he bargained for following the nigth he saved two women from the seedy bar of Lido from dying horribly at two Master reject's expense.

Doyle returns to his lonely apartment below the Doyle Investigations office to find a stranger awaiting in room.

He spirals a stake at the intruder but watches as a white hand emerges catching the stake in mid-air.

The stranger reveals herself to be Faith Lehane an on the run vampire slayer escapign from her destiny to fight and die in Sunnydale.

Doyle wishing not to be rattled by the presence of a pursued runaway attempts to cast Faith off to no success and instead shares a passionate night of sexual intercourse with Faith on the couch of his dingy apartment.

The mis-pronounced watcher Wussley then arrives on the scene there to recapture Faith.

A Battle ensues and as the damage is done Doyle allows Wesley to join the duo transforming the vampire detective group into a trio.

Faith steadily agrees to Wesley's enrollmenship saying that if Doyle can stand the by the book watcher then she can do, ending the episode with after battle desert.



  • Glenn Quinn as Doyle
  • Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane
  • Alexis Denisof as Wesley

Guest StarringEdit

  • Uncredited Extras as Order Members and Attackers

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