Faith The Vampire Slayer is a spin-off television series which was premiered to air on May 11th 2000.

It concerns the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer Television and Angel Series Character Faith Lehane as engages in a world wide pursuit righting her wrongs and battling all the creatures of hell.

It also introduces the concept of a new hellmouth.

Season OneEdit

Faith The Vampire Slayer was a spin-off television series much in vein to Angel but with the atmosphere and feel of the original Buffy show.

It aired on May 11th 2000 on the Fox Network and began with 22 episodes which was followed through with the next two final seasons.

The first season dealt with Faith fleeing New York City to find herself and to escape the local authorities doing a nation wide search.

She arrives in NY and immediatley befriends the local Tori Coleman a powerful lawyor well aware of the unnatural evils of the world.

She also falls into a friendship with street wise thug Damian Calouge who is oblvious to the world of vampires and demons.

She comes to the aid of a witch named Aura who is recklessly pursued by vampires, one in particular being the first love of Faith's life.

Faith eventually dusts her former love and his followers rescuing Aura.

Faith then fights alongside Victoria Coleman and Damian Calouge beginning their own unity of battle.

Faith also applies for a job as a police officer and then lawyor like Tori until she settles as a student at the same school as Aura.

The group then begin fighting against the vampires and creatures of the night even featuring appearences from Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Angel and Spike.

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