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A Stake To The HeartA different bewitch bothered bewilderedAmanda Rosenberg
An Encounter Of SortsAn Unexpected Turn Of EventsAthos (Selinaverse)
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Blood +Buffy: a Few Good SlayersBuffy Fanfiction Wiki
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Faith The Vampire SlayerGiselle LorenHavoc of the Hanoch
Here Lies Sarah CaldwellI, InsectJohn and Alan
Kate (Selinaverse)List of Doyle EpisodesLois Angelus
LorenzoLouie AngelusLunch is Revolting!
Mason RyanMason Ryan-Matilda Rosenberg
MedusaMist and FogNina Ash
No AngelParody: A Love StoryQ Continuum (Selinaverse)
Remen Lionel IISarah AngelusScylla-Blackhart
Season EightSelina MandrakeSelina Mandrake - The Slayer
SelinaverseShlomi FishSlayer Academy
Slime in the SewersSolaceSoran Morningstar (TNS)
Star Trek: We, the Living DeadSunnydale KHTake A Swim
TeenyThe Annointed One and the SlayerThe Back Room
The Devil Kings (TSDKS)The GuideThe Nephilim Saga
The Six Devil Kings SeriesThe Swollen BruiseThe Three (Selinaverse)
The Turn of TimeTraining With BuffyUngrateful Dead
Welcome to Bizarro WorldWelcome to Bizarro World ScriptWilliam Angelus
Willow RosenbergWillow Rosenberg(Buffy the Animated Series)Willow Rosenburg (Phoenixverse)
Xander Harris(Buffy the Animated Series)Zlo

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