Mason Ryan
Hayden christensen
Aliases/Other Names: "The Malicious Magician" Ryan
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Type/Classification: Type-3 (Necrotic/Undead)
Date of Birth: July 18, 1860
Current Status: Re-Ensouled
Chronological and General Info
Allies: Angel, Spike, and Buffy

"What can I say, you can't stop the magic!" - Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan is a Vampire from Bristol, England. He is the third worst in recorded history. He terrorized the British mainland for many years.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Mason Ryan was born on July 18, 1860 in the English town of Bristol. He was raised solely by his mother after his father left them.


Mason's life was that of a typical English boy.



Soul RestoredEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

See alsoEdit

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