she a new vamprie what carryin dracula unborn and had his 5 children
Sarah Angelus
Sarah vamprie
Aliases/Other Names: Sweetie by angel and darla

Big Sister by connor and Twilight

Gender: Female
Species: Vampire Former


Height: 25:14
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: red in vampire

blue in human

Hometown/Country: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 20 April 1975
Profession(s): Hunting Down Humans
Current Age: 17
Current Status: Alive
Mother: Darla
Father: Angel
Brother(s): Connor

Twilight (half)

Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse: Dracula
Children:  :Louie Angelus (1986)
William Angelus (1997)
Lois Angelus (2000)
Louis Angelus (2002)
Andy Angelus (2004)
Wilma Angelus (2009)

Princess Vlad Dracula (2012)

Aunt(s): Kathy
Basic Abilities/Powers: Turning Stranger into Frogs
Maximum Strength Limit: 1000
Chronological and General Info

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