Selina Mandrake is the protagonist of the screenplay Selina Mandrake - The Slayer by Shlomi Fish. Born in February, 1994, in England, she turns 18 on 2012 and is 17 in 2011 when some parts of the screenplay take place. Selina moved from England to California while in her teens and as of 2011-2012 is studying in high school.

Selina is not part of the Buffyverse, but instead lives in the more real world, where she has watched some episodes of the Buffy franchise and several other popular American culture franchises, and being versed in other pieces of old and new culture from around the world. At first, she dismisses the Buffy universe as baseless fiction, only to see some proofs to its effect in her real world and decides to "play along". She is able to slay John and Alan, Fron - a demon with stick legs and a head, The Three, Mephiqoleth (a small, powerful and Jewish demon), a large gathering of vampires inside one of her high school's halls and The Master, all while never being violent, and even supportive of the demons she runs into.

Selina is guided by The Guide, a male slayer, who claims that the real Buffy is an “incompetent slayer”, and that he only possesses “mediocre slaying skills”.

Selected Quotes Edit

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