he holded his mothers hand when she in labour and he hurted his mother by cutting her naked in the bathtub
william Angelus
William the vamprie son of mine and dracula
Aliases/Other Names: The Tormented
Gender: Male
Species: human
Height: 1:34
Hair Color: Long Black Hair
Eye Color: Same as his mother
Hometown/Country: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 20 June 1997
Current Age: 13
Mother: Sarah Angelus
Father: Dracula
Sister(s): Lois Angelus (Half)

Wilma Angelus Andy Angelus

Brother(s): Louie angelus
Louis Angelus
Maternal Grandmother: Darla
Maternal Grandfather: Angel
Paternal Grandmother: Buffy Summers
Uncle(s): Connor

Twilight (half) Cassie Summers

Basic Abilities/Powers: demonic Prossesions
Chronological and General Info
Allies: Cory Nightgale

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