Willow Danielle Victoria Rosenburg
316 Doppelgangland6
Aliases/Other Names: Will
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire (Basic Human)
Type/Classification: Type-2 (Genetically Necrotic/Undead)
Height: 5 Ft., 3 in.
Hair Color: Red (Natural)
Eye Color: Green

Red (as Vampire)

Hometown/Country: Necropolis Central

Sunnydale, California

Home Universe/Reality: Phoenixverse
Date of Birth: November 16, 1996
Profession(s): Heromancer, Witch

Vampire Slayer assistant

Law/Government Posting: None
Current Age: 16
Current Status: Alive
Girl/Boyfriend/Spouse: Buffy Summer Rose
Forms of Magic/Magical Weapons : Able to magically create Human blood to survive

power over natural elements

Chronological and General Info
Allies: Spooky Gang

Willow Rosenburg is a Vampire witch and Heromancer apprentice that is a central member of the Spooky Gang a group of protectors for the city of Sunnydale.

Biography Edit

Willow Danielle Victoria Rosenburg was born on November 16, 1996 within Necropolis Central.

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